Friday, April 15, 2011

Upload Multiple Documents option not visible from the Upload menu


A user complains that the Upload Multiple Documents option is not visible from the Upload menu on a shared documents folder.  The user has connected to site hosted on SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise.


You verify the user's complaint by either logging onto the user's machine or by viewing a screen shot of the user's experience sent to you by the user.


There are a couple of possible causes for this problem: the user has not installed Office 2003 or greater [1-4] or the SharePoint farm administrator has not enabled Client Integration [3, 5, 6], or both.

First, check to make sure that the user has Office 2003 or greater installed.  If not, install it.

Second, go the Central Administration page, select the Application Management tab.

Click Authentication providers.

Click on the Default item listed, and then scroll down a bit to view the Client Integration section.

Make sure that the Enable Client Integration option is selected, and then click OK.  Return to the client machine and then verify that the Upload Multiple Documents option is available.

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  • The Protected Mode option of Microsoft Internet Explorer may cause issues when attempting to use the Upload Multiple Documents or the Open with Windows Explorer options.

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