Monday, April 21, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Health Analyzer: One or more servers is not responding


You find the following entry in the SharePoint 2013 Central Administration Review problems and solutions All Reports listing:

TitleOne or more servers is not responding. 
Severity1 - Error
ExplanationThe following servers have not executed any timer jobs in the last 2 hours: [ServerName].  This can happen if the server was shut down or lost network connectivity, or if the timer service on that server has crashed, hung, or been stopped.
RemedyEnsure that the server(s) listed above are running and connected to the network.  If the timer service is not started, restart the service by typing the following command at the command prompt on each server: "net start SPTimerV4."  If the server was intentionally removed from the farm, remove the record of the server from the SharePoint topology in the Central Administration site at .../_admin/FarmServers.aspx. For more information about this rule, see "".
Failing Servers 
Failing ServicesSPTimerService (SPTimerV4)
Rule SettingsView
Users also reported that Search was not working.

  1. Check the following services on the server and ensure they are started:
    1. SharePoint Timer Service
    2. SharePoint User Code Host
    3. SharePoint Search Host Controller
  2. Check these services and ensure that their Startup Type is Automatic.
  • Navigated to Search administration page: Search Status and Search Topology web parts were stuck on Loading...
  • Server had been patched over the weekend and restarted.
  • Note that the URL in the error report takes you to a 2010 article.

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