Saturday, September 19, 2015

DocAve 6: Installation Rule Scanning: TCP Port Sharing Services Failed


You are installing the DocAve 6 agent onto a SharePoint farm server.  After the pre-installation scan completed, you see a rule failure for the Net Tcp Port Sharing Service:
This problem is easily resolved.  By default, the Net TCP Port Sharing Service Startup Type is Disabled.  Just switch it to Automatic.


  1. Launch the Services applet.  
  2. Scroll down to the Net. TCP Port Sharing Service.
  3. Change the Startup Type to Automatic:
  4. Start the service manually.
  5. Restart the DocAve 6 Agent scan and continue with the installation.


  • I experienced this issue while installing the agent on the farm's SQL Server - the one server I overlooked when verifying that the Port Sharing Service was up and running on the farm's servers.

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