Friday, July 7, 2017

SharePoint 2013 TIP: Export All Unique Permissions from Site Collection using PowerShell

The best PowerShell script that I have found to date for inventorying a site collection's user and group permissions is one developed by Guru Karnik and published in this TechNet Wiki posting.  It runs against one site collection at a time and conveniently outputs its results to a CSV file.  The site collection URL and path to where to write the output file are entered from the command line.  Output lists the following properties:

  • SiteURL [Url to site collection or subweb]
  • SiteTitle [name of site collection or subweb]
  • ObjectType [site, list, document library]
  • ObjectUrl [relative to site collection URL]
  • ListTitle [NA if site or subweb]
  • MemberName [simple name of user or group]
  • MemberLoginName [claims-based name of user or simple group name]
  • MemberType [SPUser, SPGroup, SPGroupMember]
  • JobTitle [NA if SPUser or SPGroup, or blank if SPGroupMember]
  • Department
  • ParentGroup
  • GroupOwner [NA if type SPUser or not set, otherwise as set]
  • RoleDefinitionBindings [Full Control, Design, Read, Restricted Read, etc, etc]
Though this script was originally developed by Guru for SharePoint 2010, I have found it to successfully execute against SharePoint 2013.


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