Wednesday, February 5, 2014

SharePoint 2010 List Forms: Recover the default list or document library edit form


The default OOTB edit form for a particular document library (or for any list for that matter) has been lost, revised, edited, or whatever, such that the form no longer features the standard default List Form Web Part.  This is the list form web part (LFWP) that only displays the three fields, like so:
Because of these changes, certain fields are no longer displayed or displayed in a way such that they are not as usable as before.  For example, the Name field may display the filename now only as a read-only text, and not in an editable text box.  Other fields may not even be displayed.  There may also be a break between the ability to change column ordering using the features on the document library's or list's Settings page.  Whatever the case may, you want to get the original OOTB edit form back.  Here's how.  You'll need SharePoint Designer 2010 to do it.

  1. Launch SharePoint Designer 2010.
  2. Connect to the target site.
  3. On the Navigation pane, at left, click Lists and Libraries.
  4. On the Results pane, click on the target list or library.  The Results pane will change to show the properties and objects associated with the list or library you clicked.
  5. Look for the Forms group.  It will list all of the New, Edit and View forms created for this list or library.  If this is for a library, you will also see an Upload form item listed there too.
  6. Click the New... button for this group.
  7. Enter a name for this new default edit form, and the select the Edit item form option.
  8. Click OK.
  9. This dialog will close and a new edit form will appear listed in the Forms group.
  10. Click this item to open it in edit mode.  What you will see is all of the fields layed out nicely.  This is the DataForm Web Part.  You don't want this.
  11. Click anywhere in this form.  You'll see the DataFormWebPart title appear just above this form.
  12. Select this title.  This then selects the entire web part.
  13. Click the Delete key.
  14. Click anywhere inside the now empty web part zone.
  15. Up above, select the Insert ribbon.
  16. In the Controls group, click the SharePoint item.  A dropdown will open.
  17. Click List Form..., down at the bottom.  The List or Document Library Form dialog appears.
  18. Select the target list or document library, and then select the Edit item form option.  Leave the Show standard toolbar option checked.
  19. Click OK.  This inserts the LFWP onto the page.
  20. Save the page.
  21. On the Forms group, select the new edit form listed there (don't click on the filename itself).  This updates the ribbon.
  22. On the ribbon, select the Forms tab.
  23. Click the Set as Default button.
  24. Test.

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Steve French said...

Perfect - worked like a charm! Thanks so much!