Sunday, February 2, 2014

Windows Media Player: Rip CD option greyed out


You launch Windows Media Player to rip a new CD or refresh the tracks of an old CD you've already ripped before.  After Media Player recognizes the CD in the disk player, it displays the tracks on the CD, but the Rip CD option is greyed out.


This option is greyed out because no tracks have been selected.  To select a track, enter a check into the checkbox before each track title.  The moment you check a box, the Rip CD option will be enabled.

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Media Player 12


Anonymous said...

You are wrong. Do a goggle search. WMP will not rip a CD that has previously been ripped, unless you do some gymnastics with the file.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Al's Tech Tips. This works.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, Thanks Al.

Anonymous said...

Switch to "Library" mode. Either check a track or tracks or use the album check box and see tge Rip icon light up! Thanks Al

Anonymous said...

Thanks Al. Tracks on a previously ripped CD are grayed out, so you have to re-check them.

Anonymous said...

Very good, it works. Thank you!