Sunday, March 27, 2011

SharePoint 2007: Configuring Alternate Access Mapping Step-by-Step


In this procedure, you will learn how to configure and alternate access mapping to your SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise instance step-by-step.  Specifically, we'll be adding the fully qualified domain name of the a new SharePoint collection to enable users to use this URL in order to access this collection.


Start SharePoint Central Administration.

Select the Operations tab.

Under the Global Configuration group of links, click Alternate access mappings.

On the Alternate Access Mapping Collection dropdown list box, at right, you'll see the Show All section displayed.  Click it to open the list, and then select your new collection from this list.  For this procedure, the collection selected is http://2003k1/.  This will update the list of mappings to display just the one you want to edit.

Click Edit Public URLs just above the Internal URL column of the list.

Now add the FQDN to the Intranet mapping.

Click Save.  The list of Alternate Access Mappings for your selected collection will be updated.

Now open a browser and enter the new mapping you just created.  For this procedure, this would be: http://2003k1.corp.local/.

  1. Configure alternate access mapping
  2. Plan alternate access mappings (Office SharePoint Server)
  3. Alternate Access Mapping in SharePoint
  4. Microsoft SharePoint Blogs: How to configure Alternate Access Mappings (AAM) successfully
  5. Technet Forums: SharePoint 2010: Configuring AAM in SharePoint 2010
  • This alternate mapping will work for all users on the domain you configured this for.  It will not work on alternate domains or in peer-to-peer environments - there you will need to use the hostname.
  • There's no need to change DNS settings in order to implement alternate mapping changes, as discussed in [3].


vmichael_de said...

I just created a new web application. On an existing Sharepoint Server for legal. I had to use a different port. http://us98:6666 how can i get this to resolve from just typing in http://legal

vmichael_de said...

Hi I just created a new web application on an existing SharePoint Server. The new Web App lives at http://qsprod98:6666 how do i get http://Legal to resolve to this new site collection on this new Web App?

Al said...

vmichael -
1) in CA's AAM page, select this web app (http://qsprod98:6666).
2) Enter the friendly URL, http://Legal, in the Intranet, Internet, etc field.
3) Save
4) In IIS Mgr, add "Legal" to the IIS web site used by http://qsprod98:6666.
5) Add http://Legal to DNS
- Al