Thursday, May 1, 2014

SharePoint 2013: OWA Previews not displaying in FAST Search Results


You have deployed Office Web Apps (OWA) to your internal Sharepoint 2013 farm situated on the corporate intranet.  The OWA farm does not employ encrypted connections (HTTPS).  Thus, the WOPI zone is internal-http. You have successfully tested the new OWA farm by navigating to its WOPI discovery page.  However, you are not able to view a preview of a document, either in a document library or in a search result.

  1. To get previews to display in document libraries:
    1. Ensure that AllowOAuthOverHttp is True.
      1. Execute:
      2. If this is False, execute the following:
        $config = (Get-SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig)
        $config.AllowOAuthOverHttp = $true
    2.  Ensure that document type zones match the OWA farm's WOPI zone
      1. First check document type zones by executing:
      2. Next, check the OWA farm zone by executing:
      3. If these are different, set the WOPI zone of the OWA farm to match the WOPI zones of the document types.  The default zone for the OWA farm is internal-https.  You'll need to change this to internal-http.  Do this by executing:
        Set-SPWOPIZone -zone "internal-http"
  2. To get previews to display in search results:
    1. Delete the index and rebuild it.  An incremental won't do.
      1. Logon as farm administrator
      2. In Central Administration, navigate to Search Service Administration.
      3. Click Index Reset.
      4. After the index reset is completed, start a new full crawl.
      5. After the full crawl is completed, perform a new search and then test the preview capability again.

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