Monday, May 12, 2014

SharePoint 2013: verifying workflow setup returns HTTP 403 Forbidden error


You have completed installation and configuration of Workflow Manager 1.0 to the farm server hosting this application and workflow manager clients to the web front end (WFE) servers.  You now attempt to verify correct setup.  You launch a browser, and then try to connect to the fully qualified domain name of the server + :12290/, as indicated.  You then experience the error:
  1. Launch IE as administrator, and then connect to the URL.
  2. In the alternative, first launch Central Administration, and then connect to the URL using the same or different tab of this browser instance.
  • For this posting, Workflow Manager 1.0 was installed to a farm application server.
  • The farm is installed to Windows Server 2012 VMs.


Anonymous said...

This is a UAC issue. If you disable User Access Control it works. Of course without disabling UAC you have to elevate IE using run as administrator

Eric Fang said...

Thanks for sharing.

It seems like an inevitable problem on Windows Server 2016