Friday, May 2, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Visio Service: the server failed to process the request


A user reports the following error when attempting to view a Visio web drawing file in his My Site document folder:
  • Ensure that the Visio Graphics Service account is mapped as DBO to the My Site content database.
  • If you added My Site after creating a new Visio Graphics Service, the Visio Graphics Service service account is not automatically mapped to the My Site web application content database.
  • To find the Visio Graphics Service identity, you can use IIS or Powershell:
    • IIS: launch IIS and view the application pools: select an application pool, and then click View Applications.  eventually you'll find the service account running the service.
    • PowerShell: First, look in the Service Applications list for the name of your Visio Service. Then execute this script to generate a list of service applications and their associated application pools:
      Get-SPServiceApplication -Name "{Your Visio Service name}"
      Note down the application pool associated with the Visio Graphics Service.  Then execute this script to see a list of application pools and their service accounts:
      Get-SPServiceApplicationPool -Identity "{Your Application Pool  Name}"
      Now you know what service account to map as dbo to the My Site content database.

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