Thursday, October 30, 2014

SharePoint 2013: WARNING: The web application is configured with claims authentication mode


You perform a migration of your farm from 2010 to 2013; or you perform an update on a SharePoint 2013 farm, installing the usual patches and then running either the configuration wizard or psconfig.  The migration or update completes successfully, but warnings are indicated. When you check the Upgrade Status page in Central Administration, you see that there are some warnings associated with the upgrade operation.  When you then open and review the migration or upgrade log, you see warnings similar to:
WARNING The  [WebAppName] web application is configured with claims authentication mode however the content database you are trying to attach is intended to be used against a windows classic authentication mode [ID]

  • Ignore
  • We experienced this warning the first time whilst performing test upgrades of the customer farm from 2010 enterprise to 2013 enterprise.  We performed the migration to claims before performing the migration 2013.  We then attempted to resolve the error by performing the migration to claims after migrating to 2013.  We also tried some other variations on the migration, such as updating the 2010 farm through the latest update, but to no avail: the warning persisted.  Regardless, the warning never appeared to be accompanied by actual performance or function problems. So, we chose to ignore the warning and live with it.
  • We next sometimes experienced this warning whilst performing routine updates of the target customer farm (ie, installing PUs, CUs, SPs).  We have upgraded the farm 35 times to date, not always in response to actual software update installations, but sometimes to clean up other issues.  Among these 35 upgrades, this warning has occurred 9 times.  The warning has never been accompanied by observable problems with performance or function of the farm.

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Anonymous said...

This can be caused by having Active Directory security Groups in your Site Settings - Site Collection Administrators. The rule only checks if anything else than claims-users is listed. NTLM and Groups from claims are not in the rule.