Saturday, March 7, 2015

SharePoint: PowerShell script for automating daily routine server checks


On a daily basis, I perform a set of checks on customer SharePoint farm servers using a checklist. Items in this checklist include:

  • Farm problems and solutions report
  • Server event logs
  • Status of key farm server services
  • Status of IIS application pools and sites
  • Search health reports
  • Status of AppFabric
  • Status of 2013 Workflow services
To speed up these routine checks, I've partially automated them in a PowerShell script, which reports on key server services, IIS sites and IIS application pools.  It is run from any elevated PowerShell on any farm server and presents its results in the shell. Necessary modules, snap-ins and features are automatically verified and installed if necessary to execute the script commands.  The script has been published to TechNet and is a framework in progress for further development.
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