Saturday, May 16, 2015

SharePoint 2013: Cannot Filter Task List after March 2015 CU

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You have a SharePoint 2013 farm patched through the March 2015 CU.  You have a list of type Tasks.  You add a List web part to a page pointing to this task list.  You attempt to edit the web part's default view in order to configure a simple column filter (for example, setting Task Status not equal to "Completed").  This doesn't work.  You try to configure a different column filter, but this doesn't work either.  You then go to the list itself and configure a custom view with a simple column filter.  This also doesn't work.  Through further testing, you discover that you cannot get any column filter to work on this Task list.  You were able to configure column filters without issue prior to installing the March 2015 CU.

The problem results from a bug introduced by the March 2015 CU.  It is resolved by the May 2015 CU.  There are two simple workarounds you can implement if you do not install the May 2015 CU.

  • Install the May 2015 CU.
  • Enable the Server Render property of the web part - find it in the Miscellaneous property group.
  • Change the View Style property of the Task list to any other style except Default.
  • Though I couldn't find any explicit reference to this bug fix in the May 2015 SharePoint updates (maybe I missed it?), Stefan Grossner confirmed that it was resolved in this CU.
  • Changing the View Style of a task list view impacts the functionality made available.  For example, the quick links to different views and the Find an item list search box no longer appear.

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