Tuesday, December 8, 2015

SharePoint Designer 2013: value does not fall within the expected range


In SharePoint Designer 2013, you attempt to detach a page from its Page Layout.  You select the file, check out the file, and then click the Detach from Page Layout button on the ALL FILES ribbon.  You are then presented with the following error prompt:


  1. In SharePoint Designer 2013, check out the page.
  2. Export the page to your workstation.
  3. Open the page in NotePad.
  4. Search for <mso:PublishingPageLayout.
  5. Revise the URL string in this tag so that it points to the proper location.
  6. Save the file.
  7. In SharePoint Designer 2013, import the page to the same folder that you exported the original page from.
  8. Overwrite the file.
  9. Now try detaching from page layout again.


  • This issue involved a page on our staging/development farm.  This farm is periodically updated, via content database, from the production farm.
  • On downloading and opening the page in NotePad, I found that the <mso:PublishingPageLayout tag pointed to a master page that was in the production farm.  On review, this made sense in that this page was simply the product of a content database copy and mount process, from production to staging/development; and while navigational URLs are updated in this process, the data embedded in content pages is probably not updated.  Note this for future content migration operations.

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