Saturday, July 30, 2016

Adobe Professional: Web Page Content Prints as Garbled Characters


You print a web page using Adobe Professional.  When you look at the web page, all of the body text and headers print as if the character mapping was garbled, making the entire page unreadable.  For example, instead of this:
It is recommended that you take a moment to review this confirmation statement carefully, making note of your confirmation number, and print a copy for your records.
you see this
Interestingly, if you copied this text directly from the PDF document, and pasted it into Notepad,  you would in fact get the original text.  This indicates that the underlying character codes are correct; it's just how Adobe is interpreting them is the problem.  The solution to this is simple and involves some easy configuration steps.


  1. Go: Start > Devices and Printers.  The Devices and Printers control panel appears.
  2. Double-click on the Adobe PDF icon (or whatever you have named it as).
  3. From the Printer menu, select Properties. The Adobe PDF dialog appears.
  4. On this dialog, click the Preferences button.  The Adobe PDF Printing Preferences dialog appears.
  5. Select the Adobe PDF Settings tab; then, from the Default Settings dropdown, select the High Quality Print item; and then, uncheck the Rely on a system fonts only; do not use document fonts setting.
  6. Now select the Paper/Quality tab.
  7. On this tab, click the Advanced button.  The Adobe PDF Convert Advanced Options dialog appears.
  8. Look down the list of configuration items as: Graphics > Image Color Management > TruType Font.  Change this setting to Download as Softfont.
  9. Then, on this same dialog, expand: Document Options > PostScript Options > TrueType Font Download Option, and then select Native TrueType.
  10. Click OK.  The changes are implemented immediately.


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