Friday, April 13, 2018

SharePoint 2013: Farm servers removed from farm but continue to appear in farm health reports


A development farm comprised of two application servers, spapp and spca, and one web front end server, spwfe, needed to have two of its servers removed and their resources used elsewhere (these were VMs), reducing the development farm to a single SharePoint server.  It was decided to keep spwfe and remove spapp and spca.  After Central Administration was moved to spwfe, and spapp and spca removed from the farm, these servers continued to appear in the farm health reports.


  • Delete the entry from the farm Health Report, and then let the rule be run again as per its normal schedule or manually run the rule.  The removed farm servers will no longer appear.


  • Thanks to Waqas Sarwar for the simple tip on how to resolve this issue.

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