Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Master Pages link missing in SharePoint Designer 2010


You created a new site collection.  You then connect Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 to the new site collection, in order to edit the site's master page.  However, the Master Pages link does not appear in the Navigation pane of SharePoint Designer 2010.


By default, new site collections disable SharePoint Designer 2010 access to the site master and layout pages, though this setting is enabled by default for the hosting website.  This setting can be enabled within the Site Collection Administration pages. 

Note: users having site ownership privileges are able to view the site's Collection Administration pages but will not see the link enabling them to make the appropriate settings change.  Only users who are site collection administrators will be able to see the appropriate line and enable SharePoint Designer 2010 access to the site master and layout pages for the site.


Login to the site collection.

From the Site Actions menu (top left), select Site Settings.

On the Site Settings page, scroll down to the Site Collection Administration section, and then look for the SharePoint Designer Settings link.

Click this link.  The Site Collection Administration's SharePoint Designer Settings page appears.

Check the setting, Enable Customizing Master Pages and Page Layouts checkbox, and other settings as desired, and then click OK.

This completes this procedure.


In this troubleshooting tip, you learned how to enable your site collection for SharePoint Designer 2010 access to the site collection's master and layout pages.  For additional reading and background on this topic, see the links in the References section.


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