Saturday, November 3, 2012

No Data In Web Analytics Reports


You are running an instance of SharePoint 2010.  You are experiencing problems viewing web analytics reports:
  • Partial data is available for one or more report types (e.g., data is available for a certain date range, but not for other date ranges)
  • No data is available for one or more report types


Perform the following checks:

Check 1: Analytics Services Running
Go: Central Administration > Application Management > Service Applications > Manage Services on Server
Check to make sure that the following two services are running on the SharePoint 2010 Server; if they aren't, start them:
  • Web Analytics Data Processing Service
  • Web Analytics Web Service
Check 2: Usage Data Reporting Configuration
Go: Central Administration > Monitoring > Reporting > Configure usage and health data collection
Make sure that usage data collection has been enabled and appropriately configured.  Best policy: select all options available under Events to log.

Check 3: Job Definition Schedules
Go: Central Administration > Monitoring > Timer Jobs > Review job definitions
Check to make sure that the following job definitions have been appropriately scheduled; if they aren't, schedule them:
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import (5-10 minutes)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing  (daily)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Site Inventory Usage Collection  (daily)
Check 4: Usage Log Folder Permissions
Default: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\LOGS\
Check to make sure that the folder where usage log files are written to has the appropriate security permissions:
  • WSS_Admin_WPG: everything but Full Control
  • WSS_RESTRICTED_WPG: read and write
  • WSS_WPG: read and write
Check 5: Wait

Yes, wait.  After making any configuration changes, as presented above, it can take a full day or two before you will observe any changes reflected in your web analytics reports.  Take heart: it seems more complicated than it is.  Following the above checks, and you will have resolved 90% of the issues out there.


  • Not all types of data appear in the web analytics reports available for Central Administration, Web, or Collection scopes (e.g., the Storage Usage report doesn't appear).  For example, Storage Usage reports are available only at the Collection scope.


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