Monday, February 18, 2013

Problem: Job History Timezone Inconsistent with Server


You view the Job History (CA > Check Job Status > Job History) and observe that the job history times are inconsistent with your server time.  You then view usage reports (Site > Site Actions > Site Web Analytics reports) and observe that the Date Range presents a timezone different than that of your server.

To resolve this, you go to the General Settings of the web application (CA > Manage web applications > [select web app] > General Settings), and modify the timezone there, but this doesn't resolve the problem.

You need to modify the timezone of the site collection itself.  The following procedure shows you how.


1) Go to the site collection

2) Go Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Administration > Regional settings (../_layouts/regionalsetng.aspx)

3) Make the appropriate changes, and then click OK.

4) Restart the server.


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