Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Deploying Spotfire through SharePoint 2010


Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is an excellent platform for web development.  TIBCO Spotfire is an excellent platform for visualization.  Merging these two platforms can be accomplished using the Page Viewer web part.  This procedure shows you how in just three steps..


1) In SharePoint 2010, create a new page, and then drop the Page Viewer web part onto this page.

2) In Spotfire, create the web player as desired and store in a convenient library folder.  Right-click this player in order to save its URL to the copy board.

3) Go back to the Page Viewer web part and configure its ContentLink property to point to the URL you copied; configure the web part to the desired dimensions, save these changes, and then view the page.


The Page Viewer web part functions essentially as an iFrame, enabling one web page to port another, but with the ease and configurability of a web part.

  • The Site Aggregator web part, discussed in one of the references (2) below, only works for MySite pages and thus may not be convenient to your needs.
  • The Web Capture web part, also discussed in (2), is no longer supported in SharePoint 2010.

  1. TIBCO Spotfire
  2. Deploying Spotfire in a SharePoint Web Part (SharePoint 2007)
  3. SharePoint List Web Service GetListItems
  4. Using Web Services to Load Lists from Sharepoint into Spotfire
  5. SharePoint Connector enhancement in Spotfire
  6. How to Control Spotfire Web Player – Part 1


Unknown said...

I followed your instructions but once I login to Spotfire from the WebPart I only see labels (ie. labels.startPageAbout) and Spotfire will not show library or doc. Any suggestions?

Al said...

Copy the URL you saved in step 2) above and paste directly into a web browser, and then let me know your results.

Unknown said...

Not sure what you mean. I can copy the URL (http://jcsfwebdev/SpotfireWeb/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fSpotfireWeb%2f) by R-clicking on the URL. When I paste it back into the browser, it comes back to the Login screen. I can also copy the path by R-clicking on the Spotfire doc in the Library. This URL also works in the browser.