Sunday, June 2, 2013

Search not Indexing Webpart Content


You have a SharePoint 2010 farm.  You use unique permission settings in some sites for some pages and web parts.  You create new pages and content, using Dataview, Content, and other web parts.  You run a SharePoint 2010 Search crawl of the new content. You check the crawl and discover that the pages are being crawled, but discover that the new content is not being indexed. You investigate this further and find that all new content on all pages is not being crawled.


The problem likely involves the site settings Search and Offline Availability.  The setting can be found here:
Site Actions > Site Settings > Site Admin > Search and offline availability
By default, the Indexing ASPX Page Content setting is set to Do not index Web Parts if this site contains fine-grained permissions. OOTB, this settings causes no problems.  However, once you begin to implement unique permissions for some sites, such as for example, hiding content on some pages from some user groups, this setting becomes problematic.  Once unique permissions are implemented, the NOINDEX property is set for web parts.

The solution is simple: set the Search and offline availability setting to Always index all Web Parts on this site.  Then re-run the crawl.


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