Friday, June 5, 2015

SharePoint 2007: How to Migrate to SharePoint 2010

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This posting consolidates my notes with respect to migrating a SharePoint 2007 farm to SharePoint 2010 using the database attach method.  It focuses only on content migration, not service application migration. The SharePoint 2010 web application is configured to use standard NTLM authentication and non-encrypted (HTTP).  This posting installs SharePoint 2010 onto Windows Server 2012; you'll need the May 1, 2014, SharePoint 2010 SP2 slipstream media for this. It also employs SQL Server 2012.

  1. Verify/create SharePoint 2010 service accounts.
  2. Build SharePoint Server 2010 farm (destination farm) on Windows Server 2012.
  3. On destination farm, create new web application NTLM and site collection.
  4. On source farm, execute STSADM.exe –o preupgradecheck and resolve any issues that are found.
  5. On source farm, set content databases to read-only.
  6. On source farm, perform content backup.
  7. On source farm, copy SharePoint Server 2007 farm content database backup to 2010 farm.
  8. Restore 2007 database to 2010 farm database server.
  9. In SSMS, map SharePoint Setup User Admin account as DBO of restored 2007 content database.
  10. Verify database read-only property is false.
  11. Remove 2010 web application content database.  You will need to rename the content database files (data and log) if the database you are migrating has the same file names.
  12. Mount 2007 content database to 2010 web application.
  13. Optional: initiate Visual Upgrade on all sites in site collection.
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  • Where is stsadm.exe?: The stsadm command can be found here (default): C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN.
  • 2010 SP2 Slipstream ISO file name: Need to use sw_dvd5_sharepoint_server_2010w_sp2.2_64bit_english_mlf_x19-65035.iso to perform this installation.  This version is available through your Microsoft Volume Licensing or MSDN subscription.
  • If the (source) databases you are migrating have the same file names as the ones already in the 2010 farm (destination), detaching the destination databases is not enough in this case.  You must also rename the destination database files.  Otherwise, you will encounter errors like the following during the restore database process:
    TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
    Restore of database '[content database name]' failed.
    System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: File "[source content database file]" cannot 
    be restored over the existing "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL 
    Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\[destination content database file].mdf". 
    Reissue the RESTORE statement using WITH REPLACE to overwrite pre-existing 
    files, or WITH MOVE to identify an alternate location. 

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